With its must-visit Alhambra and Generalife, Cathedral, Cartuja monastery, Carmen de los Mártires gardens, Carrera del Darro and Paseo de los Tristes, not to mention the Zacatín, Albaicín, Sacromonte and Realejo districts, you can easily lose yourself in Granada’s unrivalled hidden nooks and alleys.

Visitors can also explore one of the most beautiful areas in Andalusia, which is close by: Jaén. As well as being the Cradle of the Renaissance and the world olive oil capital, Jaén boasts streets and hidden nooks steeped in rich history born of the coexistence of the Christian, Jewish and Muslim cultures. This can be seen in the Cathedral, the Santa Catalina Castle, the Magdalena district, the Arabic baths, the Villardompardo Palace and more.

Likewise, with Almeria located not too far away, you can take a trip there too. This sunny city, dominated by its magnificent Alcazaba fortress, is a great place to visit with its typical La Chanca district, multi-coloured houses, fortress-like cathedral, the Cable Inglés pier and Plaza Vieja. And last but not least, you simply must not miss the Cabo de Gata, a natural park stretching from the coast inland, where you can explore wonderful spots, such as the fishing village of San Jose.