What has yet to be said about Athens? This is the birthplace of civilization, the political, financial, and cultural centre of Greece. The city holds innumerable stories spread over its more than 3,000 years of history. It is even said that, without this city, Democracy would not exist. Its importance in history is simply magnificent. Even if the only thing you would visit would be the spectacular Acropolis, with legendary buildings like the Parthenon, it would still be worthwhile.  But it is not only the city’s historic legacy that is a tourist attraction. In Athens, a simple stroll along its streets can be a great surprise. Besides the little “treasures” discovered in the city’s old neighbourhoods and their secret gardens, Athens on its own is a world map for the palate. Its gastronomy story is infinite, and visitors never fail to savour Mediterranean products such as the refreshing “tzatziki” and the succulent “moussaka”. Embraced by the Parnitha and Pendelikon mountains, with beaches close-by and an energetic nightlife, this city is the perfect place for an unforgettable holiday.