Hiking along the via Garona

September 28, 2017

170 kilometres, passing through 41 municipalities, over 500 plant species, and six historical monuments: just a few figures to describe the Via Garona route…


Exploring Venice on foot, by boat or from the air

June 13, 2017

Beyond the usual typical tours in Venice, visitors staying for a few days, or already familiar with the city who come back to know it better, have some other options which offer a different perspective whether staying with the crowd or almost alone.


Palermo in the rain

January 27, 2017

Palermo is best known for the wonderful sunny days tourists almost always find there. Still, it’s not unusual to have […]


A Sunday in Nantes

January 27, 2017

Sunday is undoubtedly my favourite day. A day to relax, with family… As for lots of people who live in […]