August 30, 2018

Find yourself in the countryside, in the middle of a lagoon, on an island where prestigious agricultural products have led to it being named “the garden of Venice”.


Hiking along the via Garona

September 28, 2017

170 kilometres, passing through 41 municipalities, over 500 plant species, and six historical monuments: just a few figures to describe the Via Garona route…


Discover Volerie des Aigles

September 08, 2017

At the heart of the wine trail, Kintzheim is a vibrant village. Visitors come to see its half-timbered houses, its restaurants, and climb up towards the forest …


Venetian sunsets

August 29, 2017

Venice has always been known as one of the most romantic cities in the world, a honeymoon destination, a place to be explored, experienced and enjoyed alongside your soulmate, where you can…


The secret garden

January 27, 2017

With its picturesque views, lively squares and majestic palazzi, Verona is a city that knows how to ravish you with […]



January 17, 2017

If you are travelling with kids (or not) the Bioparc is one of the must visits for any nature lover. […]


El saler beach

January 17, 2017

Valencia has several beaches close to its centre. But if what you are looking for is to get away from […]



January 17, 2017

They say that to get the best views of a city one need to find its highest point. So off […]


Mount Licabettus

January 17, 2017

The Mount Licabettus, meaning the Wolf Mountain, is one of the lungs of the city. At around 300 meters high, […]


Nuraghe Riu Mulinu

January 17, 2017

Historically, the island of Sardegna is radically different and quite mysterious compared to Italy as a whole. Many of the […]